APPNA Institute of Clinical Research Training (AICRT)

Classes beginning December 10th, 2016

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1. To establish world class institutions of excellence related to MEDICINE and promote Medical Education
2. To establish relationships and partnerships with credible educational institutions that can further APPNA’s mission and are not in conflict with our mission

1. Establish institutes for parallel pathways for Physicians of Pakistani Descent
2. Establish School of Health Sciences
3. Establish Institute of Higher Learning with Clinical care (Hospital) and Residency Training for Physicians
4. Establishment of a Medical School
5. Establish CIHLME Philanthropy
In a brainstorming session at the APPNA Convention on Sat Aug 15, 2015
The following points came out as most important:
1) Committee structure that may stay for a few yrs
2) Not have a Top Down approach rather start small and build up block by block
3) Have formal Business plans and consultants in varying areas who can create feasibilities
4) Formal process of fund collection that we can safe keep for this particular plan and expand on it
5) Creation of sub committees, which may work on varying projects simultaneously

To accomplish this a 4 prong approach is being suggested:

We start with Creation of:

1) School of Allied Health with focus on Echo and Ultrasound training
2) School of Health Sciences with focus on
a) Public Health
b) Hospital Administration
c) Infectious Disease
d) Neurosciences
3) Hospital with Residency training
4) Medical School

Echo Institute and Research Institute

List of TOTAL 19 Documents Created and Unanimously approved by APPNA Committee on Institutions of Higher Learning & Medical Education on November 25th meeting to be forwarded to Executive Committee APPNA to take it further to LRPC (Long Range Planning Committee) and to APPNA (Board of Trustees)

This list also include the Report and Power Point Presentation and 12 Documents already approved and presented at APPNA Fall Council Meeting 2015 October 31st in San Francisco

1) Break Even Analysis (Exhibit A of the Executive Summary) crafted by and in consultation with Imtiaz Hassan -Hasan law, Josh Harris – NDH Group and Minsky Mccormick & Hallagan
2) Business Plan(Executive Summary of Business Plan) crafted by and in consultation with Hasan law, NDH Group and Minsky McCormick & Hallagan
3) APPNA Mini Risk PPT ( Risk Analysis and Mitigation strategies of Project) crafted by and in consultation with Hasan law, NDH Group and Minsky McCormick & Hallagan
4) MMH APPNA B1B2 Eligibility for students on B1 B2 visas – Minsky McCormick & Hallagan
5) MMH APPNA B1B2 Liability to APPNA – Minsky McCormick & Hallagan
6) CMA 6429 North AvenueCombined Market Analysis of similar properties in the area
7) MLS 6429 North AvenueMLS Listing of proposed Property
8) Financials 6429 North AvenueIncome & Expenses details for said Property
9) 6429 W North Avenue Updated Financials Details on financials with NOI for said Property
10) APPNA Committee on Institutions of Higher Learning and Medical Education Report as approved and submitted to APPNA Council at the Fall Meeting in San Francisco
11) Echo Schools_Market Research (Comparing all schools in USA)
12) Echo Program Interested Students (Responses of Interested Students in <24 hour of a Posting on FB on YPC page – non scientific but >48 responses in less then a day shows more then great interest in the program
13) Ultrasonography Schools (57 Schools in USA and ALL 7 Schools in Illinois compared with Tuition and student size )

14) Echo Institute (Detailed Break Down BUDGET APPNA School of Allied Health Echo School and Research Institute)
15) APPNA Committee on Institution of Higher Learning and Medical Education Power Point Presentation as approved and presented to APPNA Council APPNA Fall Meeting 2015
16) Echo Institute Projected Budget PNG BUDGET
17) Concise Business Plan as submitted earlier
18) Chicago Land area Ultrasound Schools Individual Details
19) Resume of Proposed Director and Instructor of ECHO School Alex Neuman Associate Prof Univ of Chicago and Rush University with >300 publications and Director and Founder of many schools in USA

M. Sohail Khan MD
Chair, APPNA CIHLME 2016