October 30,


A plenary session was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dearborn. Approximately 20 physicians participated.

 August 29,


The Association was formally incorporated.

 June 20,


The first formal meeting in USA was held at Dearborn, Michigan.

 December 20,


The first meeting in Pakistan was held at the Hotel Intercontinental, Karachi.



The present constitution was presented and adopted during the annual summer meeting held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Chicago.



Chicago was accepted as the permanent headquarters for the Association and the office moved to Downers Grove, Illinois, from Dallas, Texas.



APPNA held a joint session with American Association of Physicians from India, the Association of Philippine Physicians of American, the American College Of International Physicians, and the Islamic Medical Association at Washington, D.C. The Alliance of International Medical Graduates was thus created.



APPNA SEHAT, a primary health care project to serve rural area in Pakistan, was launched.


APPNA became the first organization to endorse Imran Khan’s Cancer Hospital.


CAPPNA (Children of Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America) organized as an autonomous organization.
1989 Youth Forum formed to coordinate the activities of various components developing youth programs.


Pak Pac, the political arm of APPNA, was registered as a separate entity.



APPNA purchased the property for its central office in Westmont, Illinois.
1992 The first proposal to being North American graduates of Pakistani descent under the banner of APPNA is made.


APPNA creates the Steering Committee for Residents, the first attempt to bring young physicians under the aegis of APPNA
September 1992 APPNA’s modern accounting system is created by the hiring of an outside professional accountant, and through the creation of create separate accounts for general expenses and convention expenses creating clear boundaries removing ambiguities in the system.
October 1992 Through the efforts of the Alliance of International Medical Graduates, The Health Professionals Reauthorization Act passed in 1992 which replaced the ECFMG with the USMLE, and created equality in licensing for foreign medical graduates This helped the number of Pakistani Physicians In all the 50 states and increased the total number  from 2,000 in 1982 to over 15,000 today.



SAYA (Society of APPNA’s Young Adults) organized as an autonomous organization.



Sindh Medical College Alumni Association joined APPNA. This was the first expansion of the Executive Council since the inception of the Association.Constitution and Bylaws were amended to:1. Incorporate Regional Chapters and Physicians-In-Training Section as Components Societies of APPNA.2. Define the role and functions of various committees.3. Change the term of office to correspond to the fiscal year.



Washington/Baltimore became the first chapter to gain recognition as a Component Society.


The Resource Center was organized at the central office to help the physicians in training with placement opportunities, and visa related issues.



APPNA, (SIH) SOCIETY OF INTERNATIONAL HELP, and NOOR FOUNDATION cosponsored the Human Development Foundation of North America (HDFNA). The mission of HDFNA is to launch a non-political movement for positive social change and community empowerment through mass literacy, enhanced quality of education, universal primary health, and grass root economic development. This was a gift to the people of Pakistan on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence.


NAMA (North American Medical Alumni Association) was recognized as a component society of APPNA.


APPNA Journal was published for first time.


APPNA strongly condemns the atrocious and brutial acts of terrorism on September 11th 2001.
2002 APPNA Young Physicians Task Force is established
2004 Constitution and Bylaws were amended and adopted. Name was changed to Association of Physicians of Pakistani-descent of North America (APPNA) Far-reaching amendments were adopted in the Preamble, Aims and Objectives, Structure and Function of the Association.


APPNA QISSA was launched and published.
2004 For the first time, the President off the Bangladesh Medical Association of America (BMANA), and a representative of the President of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) address APPNA members during the banquet of the Annual Summer Meeting in Washington, D.C.


Young Physicians Task Force is replaced by the Young Physicians Committee. The Young Pakistani Physicians Resource Center (YPPRC) is established.
2004 Committee on Advocacy, Government and Legislative Affairs is established.
2004 The post of Executive Director is created.
2004 APPNA Cytogenetic Laboratory was established in collaboration with Pakistan Children Cancer Society in Karachi.
2004 APPNA helped Tsunami victims in Southeast Asia.


APPNA helped Katrina victims in New Orleans, USA.
2005 APPNA raised over 2 million for earthquake victims in Pakistan.


APPNA embarked on a major relief and rehab operation in the aftermath of 2005 Earthquake.
2006 Full-time Executive Director was appointed.
2006 The updated APPNA Directory was launched and published.


APPNA MERIT Project was launched.
2007 APPNA Inaugurated and put to operation 7 health care and educational facilities across NWFP and Kashmir.Summer meeting registration crossed the 1000 barrier for the first time.APPNA provided relief to the victims of Sind floods.APPNA Community Center was established in Westmont, IL


Ayub Omaya Scholarship was launched and approved.First APPNA Community Health Clinic was inaugurated.First Young Physician Research Assembly was held in Lahore.Tele-health Pilot Project was launched in District Mardan.


First Canadian Chapter was established.
2009 CME Desk was established in the central office and ACCME accreditation was renewed.
2009 APPNA conducted two international CME meetings to Alaska and Australia/New Zealand besides annual summer meeting in San Francisco.
2010 APPNA Flood Relief Efforts; Over $1.3 million raised for flood relief efforts in Pakistan.
2010 APPNA National Health Care Day initiated.
2010 APPNA Facebook Page was introduced to keep APPNA presence in Social Media.
2011 APPNA Hepatitis C Initiative Started.
2011 APPNA helped to establish a bone marrow registry for Southeast Asians (Pakistanis, Indians, and Bangladeshis) and held its National Bone Marrow Registry Drive.
2011 APPNA CARES Clinic Day (ACCD) was celebrated all over USA by providing free medical examinations and Free Flu vaccines.
2011 APPNA Free Clinics were established in MO, AL, NC, GA and CA
2011 APPNA Joins the American Medical Association (AMA) Speciality and Service Society Caucus (SSS)
2014 Inauguration of APPNA Foundation