APPNA Institute of Clinical Research Training (AICRT)

Aims & Objectives

  • To train young physicians in these critical skill sets and cultivate physicians with the knowledge and skill base critical to the conduct of biomedical research, and leadership in any arena of medicine.
  • Students will participate in research-focused coursework and training for a [4 – 6 Weeks] condensed program [Certification course] which will be provided by APPNA through APPNA Institute of Clinical Research Training (AICRT) a subsidiary institute under APPNA CIHLME.
  • This will allow the students after completion of the course to elect to work in a variety of methodological areas sparking their clinical specialty and research interests.
  • To provide medical graduated from Pakistan in the U.S. a platform on training in biomedical research.
  • Improve knowledge and skill sets of Clinical and Non Clinical providers to conduct clinical and bench research – Creation of curriculum that may also benefit medical students with improving their CVs.
  • Creation of research training opportunities and improving on the learning with Devising a curricula that can be adopted by medical schools and advocacy of the same to improve the quality of graduates in particular coming from Pakistan.

Registration for Research 101: TBA

Registration for Research 102: Online Course for those who have already completed Research 101.


4-6 Week Course Online

  • Total of up to 12 sessions; 1-3 hour long
  • 8PM Chicago Time using online platform WebEx, GoTo Meetings
  • Course will be conducted 2 times a week
  • $300 USD/student, a total of 20 students/batch

Boot-camps (In-Person)

  • 2-3 boot-camps per year at APPNA Spring, Fall and Summer meetings; each boot-camp for 2 days; 8 hour session/day.
  • Cost $600 USD/registrant or as required to meet cost
  • There will be a limit on minimum no. of registrants for a course to happen
  • Registration process can be done through APPNA

Research 101
Pre-Requisite for Course Research 102

Cost: Online Course $300; Boot Camp $600

Target Population: Undergraduate Students & USMLE Aspirants.

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Course Objectives:

1.) To improve the research building capacity of medical students and recent graduates.
2.) To provide medical graduates from Pakistan in the U.S. a platform on training in biomedical research.

Student Objectives:

1.) Learn the importance and relevance of biomedical research.
2.) Learn basic skill sets required to conduct research.
3.) Gain exposure to research.
4.) Receive training in the fundamentals of research and scientific communication.
5.) Improve research, professional, and social skills – inquisitiveness, observation, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, effective communication, and innovation.
6.) We believe that whether or not students actively pursue a career in academic medicine, the skills developed during this program will be critical to their success as a physician and a leader.


Research 102
Requires Pre-Requisite(s): Research 101

Practical Training

Cost: $300

Target Population: Undergraduate Students & USMLE Aspirants.

Research 101

December 10-27, 2016
Day One – December 10th: Inauguration 9am to 5pm CST
Day Two – December 17th: 8hrs
Day Three – December 18th: 4hrs
Day Four – December 27th: 8hrs

Research 101 Boot Camp

APPNA 2017 Spring Meeting – TBA
APPNA 2017 Summer Convention – TBA
APPNA 2017 Fall Meeting – TBA

Research 102



M. Sohail Khan MD; Chair CIHLME, Clinical Asst. Professor Medicine UIC, Chicago

Sharon Foley PhD RD LDN; Asst. Prof – Rush University, Chicago

Jeff Canar PhD; Asst. Prof – Rush University & Northwestern University, Chicago

Rashid Chotani; MD MPH – Washington DC

Umair Shameem; MD MPH – University of Idaho; Boise

Tajwar Amir MD MPH; University of Medicine & Dentistry – New Jersey

Asim Padela MD, MSC; Asst. Prof of Medicine; Bioethics, Emergency Medicine, University of Chicago