ASA everyone,

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to serve as next APPNA Alliance President for the year 2018. I am truly humbled and honored to be able to work alongside all the incredible individuals that make up the Alliance team.

The goal of APPNA Alliance is to get more of the physicians’s families involved. To achieve this goal we will work hard this year as we have done in the past to create not just a better organization, but a strong and engaged APPNA Alliance family.

I strongly believe that a person’s useful asset is not only the knowledge he/she has, but a heart full of love, ears ready to listen and hands willing to help. A world full of love, peace and harmony is what everyone deserves.

The primary goal of APPNA Alliance is to better engaged our community as well as to help those around us. This year APPNA Alliance is committed to help the orphans and underprivileged children who are not able to receive education and basic health services due to lack of resources.

Additionally, I hope to increase the presence of APPNA Alliance by inviting more members to join our growing organization. I hope to make this year another great & successful year for APPNA Alliance.

If you have any suggestions, feedback and concerns, please do note hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to working with you.


Hanadi Nadeem
President APPNA Alliance 2018

The purpose of this organization are exclusively educational and charitable.

They are:
1. To support the aims and functions of APPNA.
2. To support the efforts of those who preserve, protect and enhance Pakistani cultural heritage and values.
3. To promote association amongst the members of the Alliance.
4. To organize a support system for members of the Alliance, which will include assisting newly arriving Alliance members in orientation, adjustment and assimilation.
5. To participate in medical relief, women and children support, and other charitable activities, both in Pakistan and in North America.
6. To promote literacy in Pakistan.

Regular – The spouse of a member or retired or deceased member of APPNA shall be eligible for membership.

Honorary – The Alliance may elect as an honorary member, any person who has given distinguished service to the organization.