Welcome to the APPNA Alliance

I am truly humbled and honored to be a part of this dynamic organization, and leading in my capacity as President for the year 2017.

APPNA Alliance is all about physician’s families. Therefore the theme for this year is going to be “Connecting and Empowering APPNA physicians families.”

My task as a President is to coordinate efforts to guide and build bridges with various organizations to connect the physician families in this dynamic and ever changing American diaspora. We will focus on building resources to connect our physician families right from their training years all the way to their retirement planning years. We are intending to hold seminars and develop resources and tools for personal and social development of our families. Therefore, I request you all to join APPNA Alliance, by being a member of this great organization and have your voices heard.

APPNA Alliance is a democratic organization and as President of the Society, I request all the Alliance members to provide your valuable feedback and suggestions, which would be a source of guidance for me and my team.

Saba Mehmood
President APPNA Alliance 2017

The purpose of this organization are exclusively educational and charitable.

They are:
1. To support the aims and functions of APPNA.
2. To support the efforts of those who preserve, protect and enhance Pakistani cultural heritage and values.
3. To promote association amongst the members of the Alliance.
4. To organize a support system for members of the Alliance, which will include assisting newly arriving Alliance members in orientation, adjustment and assimilation.
5. To participate in medical relief, women and children support, and other charitable activities, both in Pakistan and in North America.
6. To promote literacy in Pakistan.

Regular – The spouse of a member or retired or deceased member of APPNA shall be eligible for membership.

Honorary – The Alliance may elect as an honorary member, any person who has given distinguished service to the organization.