Sajid Chaudhary, MD

Iqbal Zafar Hamid, MD

M. Rizwan Khalid, MD

M. Sohail Khan, MD

M. Nasar Qureshi, MD
Immediate Past President

Here are the slate of candidates separated by office and listed alphabetically by last name:

For President Elect:
-M. Rizwan Khalid, MD
-Naseem A. Shekhani, MD

For Secretary:
-M. Sohail Khan, MD
-Muhammad Yaqoob Shaikh, MD

For Treasurer:
-Sajid Mehmood, MD
-Lubna Naeem, MD

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For President Elect:
M. Rizwan Khalid, MD
Naseem A. Shekhani, MD

For Secretary:
M. Sohail Khan, MD
Muhammad Yaqoob Shaikh, MD

For Treasurer:
Sajid Mehmood, MD
Lubna Naeem, MD

ELECTION 2017 TIME-LINE: All dates are the last date for the assigned task.

  • Friday, April 14th 2017: Eblast of Final Candidate Slate to membership from NEC.
  • Thursday, July 6th 2017: Last day to pay dues to become voting member for 2017.
  • Tuesday, August 8th 2017: Release of Voter list to candidates by Membership Committee [MC].
  • Friday, August 18th 2017: Candidates deadline to submit objections on voter list to MC.
  • Tuesday, August 22nd 2017: MC response to candidate’s objections.
  • Tuesday, August 29th 2017: Final approved voter list will be released to the candidates.
  • Tuesday, September 5th 2017: Voter list duly signed off by the candidates.
  • Friday, September 8th 2017: Mailing of Instructions for Voting by SBS (Electronic Balloting).
  • Monday, September 11th 2017: Election opens at 9:00 AM Central Time.
  • Thursday, October 26th 2017: Election closes at 11:59 PM Central Time.
  • Saturday, October 28th 2017: Announcement of Election Results at Fall Council Meeting.

Download Election Packet 2017 for 2018 Office Seekers



*Approved at Fall Council Meeting 2016*

APPNA members contesting for any office in APPNA shall abide by the following guidelines.
NEC shall announce Election Timeline in the beginning of the year according to APPNA Constitutions and Bylaws.

1- NEC follows the election time line and nomination process as outlined in APPNA constitution and bylaws.
2- The NEC shall not have the authority to reject a candidate that otherwise meets the nomination requirements set forth in APPNA Bylaws and election rules and procedures.
3- NEC shall obtain in writing the candidate’s consent that this Code of Conduct is binding under all circumstances.
4- NEC will announce the slate of candidates to membership in timely fashion [not before the summer meeting] as outlined in the Bylaws and election rules and procedures.
5- Each candidate shall provide his / her CV on a standard one-page document to be received by APPNA office at least 20 days prior to ballot mailing date. Candidates may use both sides of the one-page document. The CV will be uploaded on the election website.

1- Membership Committee after its approval by the Executive Committee will release the Voters List to all the candidates.
2- Candidates shall have ten (10) days from receipt of voter list to raise objections if they have any.
3- Objections shall be made in writing to the Chairman of the Membership Committee.
4- The Chairman of the membership Committee shall review the objections and make recommendation to the Executive Committee.
5- The Executive Committee deliberates on the suggestions made by Membership Committee.
6- After EC Approval the final Voters List shall then be released to all candidates.
7- Candidates shall be given seven (7) days to sign off on the final Voters List, and a candidate failed to sign-off on the Voters List shall not be placed on the ballot.
8- Candidates may raise procedural objections to the NEC as to the process utilized to determine the final Voters List.
9- The NEC shall evaluate the process and determine the validity of the Voters List consistent with the requirements and standards of the APPNA Constitution and Bylaws and advise the candidate of their decision.

1- All candidates shall acknowledge the sole jurisdiction of APPNA to resolve all disputes and grievances in the Election Process.
2- Election process is NOT limited to nomination, voting and counting but also includes electioneering, campaigning, speaking at meetings and all election related activities.
3- The written complaint is lodged with Nomination and Election Committee, through submission to the NEC Chairman with copy to the President of APPNA.
4- NEC shall render a written decision to the complainant (within 5 business days) with copies or direction to other parties in the election process as appropriate.
5- If the issue is not resolved to the satisfaction of the person lodging the complaint, it may be appealed to the Ethics and Grievance Committee.
6- The written appeal shall be submitted to the Chairman of the Ethics and Grievance Committee and a copy to the APPNA President.
7- The E&G Committee shall issue a written decision to the complainant (within 5 business days of filing of appeal) with copies or direction to other parties involved, as appropriate.
8- If the dispute is still not resolved, the complainant may appeal to the Board of Trustees.
9- The written appeal to the Board of Trustees shall be directed to the Chairman of Board of Trustees, with copy to the President of APPNA.
10- The written decision of the Board of Trustees (to be rendered within 5 business days of receipt of the appeal).
11- All candidates shall agree that upon conclusion of APPNA procedures for dispute resolution, as outlined above the decision arrived at by APPNA shall be FINAL and shall not be subject to any recourse outside APPNA whether judicial or extra-judicial in any state of the union.
12- It is emphasized that the above appeal process shall take precedence over other business and should be conducted expeditiously.
13- All decisions during the grievance process shall be promptly submitted in writing to the chairman of the NEC with a copy to the APPNA Central Office and the APPNA President.

1. This code of conduct is in effect for the entire election year; starting from January 1st to December 31st of an APPNA year.
2. A candidate shall not announce his or her candidacy and/or start campaigning for a future election during any given election year.
3. Candidates can only start campaigning when the NEC announces official slate of candidates. There will be NO election campaigning allowed prior to this date.
4. Candidates are not allowed to present themselves as candidates at any component society meetings or similar events prior to the official announcement of the slate of the candidates by NEC.
5. Social Media campaign is also not allowed prior to the official announcement of the slate of candidates.
6. Each candidate will be allowed to send three electronic mails. These emails shall be shared with the NEC in advance, so that the count can be maintained. Each candidate shall be allowed up to three (3) campaign postal mailings. Candidates shall share mailings with NEC in advance so that a proper count can be maintained.
7. Any System-wide celebration emails and postal mails, e.g., Eid and holiday greetings and similar will be counted towards the allotted mailing for the campaign.
8. All facts stated in campaign mailings shall be verifiable. It is the responsibility of the candidate to validate their statements by substantial proof, when requested.
9. No letters from supporters are allowed. Any letter/email of support for or against any candidate can be a ground for disciplinary action against the member, including member’s name removed from the voter list. The NEC can make recommendations to the EGC for disciplinary action.
10. Negative campaigning” will be defined by the Ethics and Grievance Committee and will not be allowed.
11. The candidates shall only participate in debates sponsored by Central APPNA. NEC must approve the Candidate debate format and moderator(s).
12. The candidates shall not take part in any debates arranged by chapters, alumni and component societies or arranged by group of physicians.
13. The candidates shall not spend or donate money directly or indirectly in any way in APPNA, APPNA component society or APPNA affiliate organization activities. Charitable donations of any kind are also included in this binding.
14. APPNA may provide up to a one-page advertisement to all the candidates free of cost in spring and/or summer publication.
15. The use of APPNA logo in any form of communication by a candidate is prohibited.
16. Telephone calls, direct mailings, and emails to members are permitted as long as the member is not on a No Call-No Mail (NCNM) list and/or No Email (NE) list as maintained by APPNA. NCNM and/or NE voters will be marked on the voter list.
17. Facsimile (fax) transmission as a means of campaigning is not allowed.
18. Only individual personal calls and text messages by the candidates themselves are permitted, i.e. there can only be one to one communication. No other phone calls or text messages are allowed.
19. Candidates’ appearances and speaking at the component society events are allowed after the beginning of campaign [After first day of Summer Meeting] but at no cost to candidates (except cost of general admission to any ticketed event) and has to be offered to all candidates. Candidates are not allowed to financially support these events directly or indirectly. Candidates are not allowed to make any donations directly or indirectly or to pay for advertisements in component society journals. Component societies may choose to allow candidates to distribute campaign flyers, cards, etc., at their meetings or events but at no charge to candidates. Component society shall inform by email all candidates of materials allowed at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.
20. Paid personal advertisements of any kind are not permissible. This restriction is included but not limited to APPNA meetings and events of component societies. It also includes newspaper Ads, TV Ads, Paid Social media Ads and others.

1- First violation of this Code of Conduct shall be grounds for a cease and desist citation and a fine, not to exceed $1,000 per violation.
2- Second violation shall be grounds for removing the candidate’s name from the election ballot at the discretion of the NEC with the approval of BOT.
3- NEC need not give a warning prior to issuing its citation upon a first violation.
4- If the candidate is cited for a violation and all appeals have been exhausted, the violation and candidate’s name can be made public to the membership.
5- All VERIFIABLE complaints and decisions WILL be shared with general membership prior to start of voting and regularly during the voting period on additional complaints (if any), once IT HAS GONE THROUGH THE DUE PROCESS, INCLUDING NEC DECISION, E&G COMMITTEE APPEAL AND BOT DECISION.

The APPNA Council shall approve any proposed changes in existing rules or adoption of new rules in election Code of Conduct.