Applications are now being accepted for financially deserving physicians from Pakistan to write the USMLE exam or participate in the US Residency match. Submit your application at the following link

Traditionally, needy physicians have been receiving financial help from central APPNA as well as various alumni organizations. Generally the aid has been in the form Qarz-e-Hasna and the rate of return of the loans has been negligible. Every year, it gets difficult to lend more money while previously loaned monies are not returned. Considering this fact, we have created a collateral restricted fund of US $50,000.00 and committee for Need Based Limited Term Loan for Medical Graduates (NBLTLMG) will lend up to double the amount of restricted collateral amount.

There are strict criteria for financially eligibility as well as ongoing academic excellence in terms of USMLE scores. Anyone who has passed USMLE step 1 with 240 plus scores can be enrolled in this program and will continue getting loan amounts in installments, as long as eligibility (scores) criteria is met and the applicant is within five years of graduation of medical school. Students will submit an application through the APPNA website along with their parents’ taxes and other financial information as well as their USMLE scores transcripts.

Any APPNA member can recommend any applicants and the recommending physician will be able to give loan to the applicant upon approval from NBLTLMG committee and the lender will get full guarantee of return.

We, as the committee members, would like to request your help in generously lending to needy physicians and help strengthen APPNA and its affiliate chapters.

To receive more information please contact any of the committee members.

Rao Kamran Ali, MD
Chair, Need Based Limited Term Loan for Medical Graduates

Sajid Chaudhary, MD
President, 2017 APPNA

Najeeb Rehman, MD
Aisha Zafar, MD

Ahmed Saeed Khan, MD
Raza Khan, MD
Waqas Ahmed, MD
Farrukh Awan, MD
Hassan Majeed, MD
Nadeem Sheikh, MD
Shahzad Iqbal, MD