Our trip to Nepal, despite initial apprehension, was very productive. Our objective was to help in whichever way we could, while keeping the safety of our team in mind. Three of us are already back in the USA today and the other two members will be returning next week and I am in close contact with them. Our team consisted of:

  • Dr. Arain (a surgeon)
  • Dr. Zaman (a pediatrician)
  • Dr. Ali (a pediatrician)
  • Dr. Rao (a dermatologist)
  • Mr. Wasim Momin (an ICU nurse)
  • Dr. S Sherpa (a orthopedic surgeon from Nepal)
  • Dr. N Sherpa (a internist)
  • Ms. Shrestha (a nurse from Nepal)
  • Lemi Sherpa (our coordinator)

We were able to visit three different villages, all within a two hour drive from Kathmandu. The names are as below:

  1. Bungamati
  2. Pahadaya Thapa Lele
  3. Jaharshing Pauwa

We provided medical care for around 1,000 patients in these three villages.
We also visited Patan hospital in Kathmandu, where we were able to see the status of medical help available in Kathmandu, as well as spend time with various specialists.

We also met with the local rotary club, in particular Sita, who is the president elect for the club. In the meeting, they explained what they are doing for the current crisis in Nepal and they asked if we could help them in building temporary/ permanent houses in a nearby village (Lele). Our team, after considering their proposal, agreed to collaborate with them in this project pending approval by APPNA executives.

I look forward to having a formal discussion on this topic whenever feasible for all of you. I thank you for giving me this opportunity and my team for their dedication and hope to continue humanitarian work.

Thank you,

Babar K. Rao, MD, FAAD