FREE Health Screening
Blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, vision, asthma, etc…
Saturday, October 7, 2017


See Below for Images from Past NHCD Events

Numair Ehtsham, Youth Chair Alabama Chapter, with Adil Patel served 50 plus patients for visual screens. Welch Allyn Visual Screener was used first time courtesy of Dr. Mubashar Rana.

Dr. Riaz Chaudhary with his team at New York Chapter.

Dr. Bushra Dar, President MN Chapter, and team helping NHCD events.

Dr. Tasneem Chaudhary and her team Augusta, GA arranged their first and successful event.

APPNA/PPS Dr. Sajid Mehmood and team.

CHICAGO Chapter arranged APPNA National Health Care Day at APPNA/PPS Community Health center, Westmont -IL supported by APPNA On Saturday October 8th, 2016.

Dr. Sabir Ali Khan with his team in Vallejo, Northern California

Virginia Chapter, Dr. Khalid Matin, Dr. Rehan Khan and team attended by Mayor and Senator.

Dr. Yasmin Majeed and her team, Calgary, Canada.

Kazim Husain from Brownsville, TX is one of the most successful APPNA physicians who spent thousands of dollars from his own pocket to ensure the first ever APPNA National Health Care Day in Brownsville, TX.

APPNA President, Nasir Qureshi, was behind the scenes for all the success and support for National Health Care Day 2016. He provided financial support, guidance and was actively involved throughout the year. Below, APPNA-PUN, Dr. Umar Farooq, and his team.

New Jersey Chapter NHCD 2016

Dr. Taj Khan and team, South Texas event.

Dr. Raza Khan, Ohio Chapter, at Canton, Ohio arranged the first of these events. He had a great group of physicians, nurses, college and high school volunteers, and community volunteers from Islamic Society of North America.