APPNA Harvey Hurricane Disaster Relief:

Hurricane Harvey with its 130 mph winds and over 26 inches of rain has caused tremendous damage to dwellings and infra structure and, wide spread flooding has caused further devastation across greater Houston area. Over a quarter of a million Texans are without electricity, roads are flooded and people are without food, water and other essential supplies. These are our neighbors.

While we pray for the safety of friends and families, our fellow citizens in Houston and surrounding cities, they need all the help they can get. This calamity requires a concerted effort by all of us. APPNA is ready to provide disaster relief and rehabilitation.

APPNA EC will release $10,000 for immediate relief for food packets and basic necessities. We also request physicians to volunteer in medical camps. These assignments will be done via the Mayor’s office. We will also coordinate with the Local Pakistani Physician community, Pakistani Consulate, City of Houston and other relief organizations. The Chair of APPNA Medical Corps, Dr. Babar Rao, will supervise all APPNA efforts. Once the immediate relief is over, APPNA intends to take over a rehabilitation project, which may include re-building a school, church, or other such community building in a local area affected by Hurricane Harvey.

We would request all APPNA Chapters and Alumni Associations to participate in this very worthwhile endeavor and to request our members to donate generously.

APPNA has created a link on its website for donation purposes:

If you can help with providing assistance on ground, please contact:
Dr. Babar Rao at 917-721-5033 or via email at OR fill out the form here

It is time to extend humanitarian assistance to our neighbors in Houston and help them to best of our ability. Please join in.

We will keep you informed about APPNA’s relief efforts as they occur.