· Qatra qatra darya ban jaata hai: drops accumulate to form a river.
· APPNA is an organization of thousands of physicians across all of North America blessed with education and financial prowess.
· What if each one of us contributed $50 or $100 every month to the APPNA Qatra Fund? The cost these days of dinner for two or four at a nice restaurant respectively.
· We would become a financial powerhouse and gain immense social and financial clout and become an entity that matters in North America.

· If our “drops” of $100 each per month accumulated, we would have $3.6 million each year.
· Qatra effect of 3000 members contribution plus interest: In five years we would have over $18 million. In ten years the Qatra effect would yield us over $37 milion.
· Qatra effect of 1500 members contribution plus interest: In five years yields over $9 million. In ten years over $18 million.

Aim of The APPNA Qatra Fund:
· To put APPNA on the map of North America as a dynamic organization with financial clout and socio-cultural influence. The effects of this are broad and multiplicative.
· To ensure that APPNA is not threatened with financial stringency.
· To create and project APPNA’s humanitarian and medical mission within North America.
· To harness the medical expertise and talent of APPNA physicians and APPNA Alliance members in creating projects that give back to the community.
· To change the image of Pakistani-American physicians in North America and get us our rightful place as dedicated individuals that care about our communities.
· Attracting new members to APPNA: we want the other 15,000 physicians of Pakistani descent to become members of APPNA.
· Creating medical and social projects within North America is an ideal medium to get Pakistani-descent physician and non-physician involvement in APPNA.

· APPNA Free Clinics: The APPNA Qatra Fund would finance APPNA Free Clinics. We plan to have an APPNA Free Clinic in every major city in the United States.
· APPNA Young Physician Houses: New medical school graduates need a residence during interviews and their search for residencies or jobs. Our aim is to have an APPNA House in every major city in North America so we can help them get a great start.
· APPNA Medical Corps: volunteer group of APPNA physicians who can be deployed at the time of a disaster and during peacetime to perform free medical care and procedures to people in need all over the world.
· APPNA Soup Kitchens: there is rising poverty and homelessness in the United States and APPNA soup kitchens would make a difference to many needy communities.
· APPNA Women’s Shelters: In cooperation with APPNA Alliance, APPNA will create women’s shelters to help the numerous victims of domestic violence.


Online donation:
• Please select one of the donation tabs on the left to make a donation to the APPNA Qatra Fund.
• For recurring monthly donations, every month the donation amount will be charged to your credit card.
• For monthly recurring donations, you must sign up for a PayPal account if you do not already have one.

Online banking:
• Create a new payee and make it APPNA.
• Set up a monthly withdrawal of $50, $100, etc…
• Enter “no end date”
• Enter APPNA’s address: 6414 S Cass Ave, Westmont, IL 60559. Telephone: 630-968-8585

The APPNA Qatra Fund is an amazingly simple idea that you can be a part of to change APPNA as well as the America and Canada that your children and children’s children will grow up in!

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