We are pleased to announce that APPNA Telemedicine is becoming a reality with a clear mission and simple objectives. This intervention will become win win for all physicians involved.

Our Mission: To improve health care quality and access to specialist medical care in Pakistan, for under-served populations.

Our Goals and Objectives: To set up Internet based consultations between specialists in USA and referring doctors from Pakistan in order to improve patient care through recommendations for latest treatments and timely access to specialist knowledge. This will also update Pakistani physicians on the principles of evidence-based medicine as practiced in USA.

The Adhoc Committee for Telemedicine is seeking volunteer consultants for this project, in all fields and specialties. APPNA needs it’s members to donate their skills and expertise.

To register as a consultant in US, please click here to open the registration webpage for the Telemedicine Project.

To register as the referring physician in Pakistan, please click here.

To access the Telemedicine Portal, please click on the following link.