We understand that it is a difficult time for some and we’d like to extend our support on behalf of the APPNA YPC. We are working in collaboration with APPNA Advocacy and Legislative Affairs Committee. APPNA YPC has created a ‘visa issues task force’ and working on a multi-prong approach simultaneously at multiple levels (State Department, Legislative and Media) over the next few weeks.

Our tasks include but not limited to:

  • Remain in communication with State Department as well as ECFMG
  • Petition signed by all the APPNA members to be sent to the State Department, ECFMG, US Embassy in Pakistan, Pakistan Embassy in USA, and US Secretary of State
  • To enlist letters of support from Congressmen in different states, with the focus being those states where applicants have secured residencies
  • Raise awareness of the current crisis by engaging media
  • Establish contact with program directors as an organization requesting their support in the upcoming weeks
  • Continue to collaborate with APPNA Advocacy/Legislative Affairs Committee. A lobbyist has been hired in Washington D.C.

As a first step in helping you, please fill-up the online form below:

For J-1 visa refusal cases, additional information is required as below:

As soon as we have your permission and data, we’ll start working on your case. If any questions, please feel free to contact the ‘APPNA YPC Visa Issues Task Force’.