Charity does not diminish Wealth

(Holy Quran: Al-Qasas, 28:54)

As physicians working in the United States, we are among the most fortunate and blessed group of people living in America. We have been blessed with a wonderful profession, great families and a comfortable living. Our children have been blessed with a great education and a stable upbringing full of love and affection.

We certainly have not forgotten our roots and where we come from. We also have not forgotten the less fortunate and most deserving people of our homeland and the world. Giving is a direct reflection of our values and perspectives. We give because we want to help others. This is our culture, our tradition and as Pakistani Descent Americans, an integral part of our DNA.

By giving to others, we also help ourselves. Several studies have shown that the dominant motivation for giving is the internal satisfaction that individuals derive from the act of giving itself. You feel good when you know that you have given to a cause that combined with the similar actions of others can actually bring about change in the world.

APPNA has a rich and proud tradition of Social Welfare and Disaster Relief projects in Pakistan and around the World. The founding members of APPNA envisioned an organization which had charity at its moral underpinnings.  Over the years, APPNA’s charitable activities have eclipsed all other programs and this altruistic nature has become one of the organization’s most enduring qualities. APPNA has raised millions of dollars for different projects and has made a difference in countless lives. We are proudly continuing this tradition. There are multiple very worthwhile ongoing initiatives and we hope you will generously donate.

Together we as an APPNA family will make a difference.