APPNA is very pleased to introduce our new partnership with WorldPay, a world class credit card processor. WorldPay is the second largest direct credit card processor in the world, providing industry leading resources for the best merchant account services in the market.

Through this new partnership WorldPay donates a portion of the monthly profits from all merchant accounts of

• APPNA members who switch to WorldPay
• APPNA members who already process with WorldPay
• other businesses referred by an APPNA member

By switching your merchant account to WorldPay (a World leading processor) and paying no more than you already pay,

• you will drive more money to APPNA without any cost to you
• you will receive superior merchant services without having to pay any more in fees, maybe less!
• Competitive Interchange plus pricing rates for APPNA members with as low as $0.05 Transaction Fee, $14.99 PCI/HIPAA Compliance Fee & 1.96% Rate*

As a medical professional, you know that HIPAA compliance is a legal requirement. But, did you know that HIPAA requires that your medical practice’s merchant account must be certified as PCI compliant? Most credit card processors do not bother to inform their merchants of the fact that Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express absolutely require all merchants, including medical practices, to be PCI Compliant. WorldPay will always provide the expert guidance, tools and support needed to achieve PCI compliance, thereby helping you protect your medical practice against data breach.

Many merchants mistakenly assume that, because their credit card terminal or practice management software is PCI compliant, they don’t have to do anything else. In fact, a medical practice must also have its merchant account certified as PCI compliant, not just the terminal. Again, rest assured that WorldPay will enable your medical practice to achieve and maintain PCI compliance, a crucial component of HIPAA compliance.

At your earliest opportunity, please contact WorldPay to

1. Provide further financial support to your APPNA at no cost to you
2. Receive better merchant services at no additional cost
3. Ensure that your medical practice achieves and maintains PCI compliance

You may call or email:

Scott Johnston
Account Executive
Telephone: 804.836.6798

or visit the contact page below and enter your contact information:

* Rate will vary according to additional services rendered and practice type.