Welcome to 2018 and Happy New Year.

It is an honor for me to serve you as your President this year. May the New Year bring health and happiness to everyone.

Our members are the most highly educated group of individuals and they want to be a part of a very welcoming and friendly environment within the organization. We can all have differing views about any issue but our brotherly love should remain the bonding force. Together we can achieve new heights and give our communities something tangible that is beneficial for generations to enjoy.

Because of the recent political changes in the country, it is vital that we put forth our best efforts and play a bigger role in the mainstream issues. It is our responsibility to contribute more in our adopted land and be a bigger part of society.

Dear friends:  it is time for us to work together now more than ever. APPNA provides us with a real opportunity to do a lot of valuable work. We need to build bridges within communities, encourage leadership and empower our younger generation to take the lead. YPN pro subcommittee is being started to give an opportunity for all our young professionals to brainstorm and network to enhance their standing in the community.

I humbly request members to play an active role in the affairs of our organization. APPNA provides an opportunity to fulfill all of our desires to do all sorts of educational and philanthropic projects irrespective of cast, gender or religious beliefs. It gives us an opportunity to be a part of our adopted land but at the same time, help our people back home. It gives us an opportunity to become a better human being and maybe one day, we, as a group, will become an example for our people back home.

May God bless APPNA

May God bless Pakistan

May God bless United States of America

Iqbal Zafar Hamid, MD
President 2018