President's Message

APPNA is in the 40th year since its inception and has developed into a great organization for expatriate Pakistani physicians. There is so much to be proud of and I congratulate all of you who support and work together ….
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APPNA Civic Engagement

APPNA Civic Engagement Committee is formed to encourage increased involvement of membership in their local communities through service. Our country is at crossroads at this point in history and it is paramount…..
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APPNA Free Clinics

APPNA this year is to expand the network of free clinics with the help of its component chapters and to serve the needy members of the community regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. APPNA has always been …
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Social Welfare Disaster Relief

SWDRC’s new project was initiated last month Cleft lip and/or palate Repair Project (Muskan)The incidence of cleft lip/palate in Pakistan is 1 in 500 live births thus it is very common. Unfortunately, because of widespread…
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APPNA Medical Corps

Changing Lives Together

Mission: Deployment of Health Professionals during peace time and disaster to conduct medical missions globally. Objectives: Core group of APPNA volunteers who are ready…
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APPNA Advocacy

These are trying times for immigrants in general and Muslim immigrants in particular. World is changing rapidly and we have to step up our efforts to keep up with uncertain times and tackle new challenges that we are facing today…..
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Young Physicians

The young physicians are the source of strength and future of APPNA. The Committee on Young Physicians (CYP) is committed to help the incoming young physicians. Initially started as an Adhoc committee in year 2003, it has now…
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Continuing Medical Education

APPNA offers live CME activities, including courses, conferences, and workshops, taking place at a specified date, time and location. APPNA’s long-standing commitment to offering quality continuing medical education ….
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APPNA Qatra Fund

Qatra qatra darya ban jaata hai
Drops accumulate to form a river
Empowering APPNA together
One drop at a time

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APPNA Foundation

APPNA Foundation is organized to create a sustainable endowment fund to support the philanthropic work of the members of APPNA to provide a structured and dedicated organization committed to ….
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USA College Scholarship Fund

APPNA represents the most financially stable group within the Pakistani Diaspora, representing approximately 15,000 physicians who live and practice in North America. The members of APPNA …
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APPNA MERIT organizes quality lectures on various topics by Doctors abroad. These lectures are delivered online and many medical universities from Pakistan participate with full enthusiasm…
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