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37th Annual Summer Convention - Registration Opens Tonight at 11:00 PM CST!

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President's Message

Dear APPNA Family:

Let me start this New Year by wishing you and your family Happy Holidays! It is my honor and privilege to serve as your President for 2014. As always, I deeply appreciate your trust and support throughout my tenure with APPNA. I look forward to working with you through the remainder of this year with the help and support of the Executive Committee of 2014. I also want to acknowledge the services of the 2013 Executive Committee of APPNA.

Dear friends, APPNA is full of opportunities for us with ambitious goals for 2014. Our kickoff for this year started with a strategic meeting at the APPNA central office on January 18, 2014. I want to acknowledge the great work performed by Dr. Aftab Khan, Chair Host and Office Management Committee Chair. More than 55-60 members from all over the country flew to Chicago for this important meeting. Attendees included four members of the BOT, four members of the Executive Committee and several committee Chairs and Council members. In addition to Dr. Aftab Khan, Jennifer, Nick and Sehba played a very important role in arranging and organizing the meeting. The highlight of the meeting was a presentation of the APPNA Foundation. Although this idea had been discussed in the past, nothing materialized due to concern about creating a parallel organization. The concept of the foundation is actually somewhat different and a few members of the APPNA Executive Committee and BOT will have a continued role. In this way, it will remain complimentary to APPNA rather than an offshoot. The goal is to raise funds which will help promote healthcare and education in Pakistan and the United States.

Another important item during the meeting was a remarkable pledge by Mr. Kumar Zaman from Georgia for the sum of $1,000,000 for the development of an APPNA medical school in the United States. Although it is a tedious process, we are planning to create a committee to start moving forward. One million dollars may be a very small amount of money for a medical school but everything starts small and grows to become a real dream. We heard a very good presentation from the Chair of the Social Welfare Disaster Relief Committee which included the diabetic initiative and control of obesity in children in Pakistan and the U.S. The Polio Adhoc Committee is planning to build a “wall against polio” and has begun collaborating with the World Health Organization and healthcare delivery activists in Pakistan to eradicate this disease which is becoming epidemic in Pakistan.

We are also planning to upgrade the face of the APPNA website and the Communication Committee is diligently working on it. The APPNA scholarship program will continue. A request was made to several alumni to have scholarship programs and collect funds which will be matched by a donor who has committed one million dollars for this project and $400,000 is up for grab for this noble cause. The Youth Mentorship program is in existence but the chair of the committee has new ideas. He is planning to do several seminars and visit the White House and Capitol Hill with students from high schools and colleges, getting them involved in local governments because this will be the leadership of the future. The Young Physicians Committee will continue to oversee APPNA houses and help physicians to get into residency programs, mentorship and visa security clearance.

I want to highlight the committees for this year as mentioned in my previous correspondence; I tried my best to include new and young faces in committees including some Caribbean graduates who will be part of the future of APPNA.

APPNA has a busy calendar this year with a trip to Israel, Jordan and Istanbul from March 5-15th. The spring meeting will be at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, California from March 28-30th with our summer convention in Washington, DC from August 13-17th at the Gaylord Resort. This will be the first time in recent memory that Pakistan Day will be celebrated August 14th as part of our convention activities. The fall meeting is planned in November, a Mediterranean cruise from June 20th - 29th and the winter meeting in Pakistan at Nishtar Medical College from December 19-21st.

We need to ensure that APPNA is an organization that can answer the needs of young American graduates and continue to play an important role in their lives. We need to continue to build bridges with communities, encouraging leadership and empowering the younger generation of physicians as the practice of medicine is undergoing a rapid evolution in this country. With the implementation of Obamacare, there will be many changes coming down the road. There is new technology, electronic medical records, an expanded patient population and the task of delivering quality care with a limited budget. Our Merit program and CME education with a leadership development program are planned to eagerly address these issues.

I am looking forward to your participation and to working with all of you to achieve these goals. I would really appreciate any suggestions or comments. I wish you all the best and once again, for your continued support.

Asif M. Rehman, MD
APPNA President


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