Women Physicians of APPNA or WAPPNA is an organization formed by women physician members of APPNA.

It works under the umbrella of its parent organization APPNA with the same tax id. It is a secular organization which opens its doors to all women physicians of Pakistani descent regardless of color, religion and other orientations. This organization was formed for the following main purposes:

1. Social and professional networking within its members (but not limited to just its members)

2. Providing a forum to its members for problem solving and social support purposes.

3. Planning and execution of Social Welfare, health care and education projects here and in Pakistan benefiting all women under the premise that such projects will also help children and hence benefit the next generation.

4. Currently APPNA has 640 women members which is roughly one fourth of total APPNA membership. Using the platform of WAPPNA we hope to benefit APPNA by bringing in more members within the fold of APPNA.

Sarwat Iqbal, MD